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Our Company

We are an international food commodity trading company focused primarily in the supply of Meat Products to a wide variety of customers in Mexico. The company is on of the dominant players in the Meat Trading Industry offering full integral Logistic Services. 

We have the knowledge and experience to supply meat products from any place in the world and provide the best quality to our customers. We have a diverse staff of buyers, sales executives, logistic and import/export personnel as well as an international finance team specialized in global markets to bring the best solutuon to our customers.


Our Competitive Advantages


Product Availability:


With our global purchasing power we can have available product to our customers anytime and the best possible price.

On-time Deliveries

Our global logistics department has the experience and technology at their fingertips to make sure we deliver products to our customer's distribution centers and facilities in a professional manner.

International Services

We have an experienced logistics division specialized in commerce between USA, Mexico and Latin America which gives us a competitive advantage to expedite the import/export processes in a timely, practial and more efficent way to bring our customers world-class service.


Dominance in the international market pf Meat, Poultry, Seafood and perishables which brings subtantila supply chain savings with quality and value-add services to our customers and distributors across the globe.

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